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Should Basketball Players Train Differently?

In the modern world of sports performance training, specificity has become increasingly popular. In all situations, the robust answer is, it depends.

In the weightroom we know different joint angles and force vectors target different muscles.

We know power is plane specific.

Each sport presents similar yet different movement patterns to achieve different tasks.

Each individual has different internal and external stressors that affect their performance.

Novice, intermediate, and advanced individuals all have different abilities, performance levels, and anthropometrics that require an individual approach.

Basketball skill training is becoming more and more popular as the game is becoming more skilled at all positions.

Aligning your performance and skill work should be at the forefront of your long term programming strategy.


What's the Solution?

In this free mini course and program we use our extensive experience working with over 500 individual youth, high school, ESPN's top 100, D1 All Americans, NBA, and 1st Round Draft Picks to provide context and a framework for which you can use to build a successful basketball preparation program.


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Adam Menner
Adam Menner

Adam Menner

Partner | Business of Strength + VH Education

Director of Training + Coaching Development at Varsity House Gym

Bachelor's degree is Exercise Science 3.8gpa graduated Magna Cum Laude

Minor in Business with a concentration in Business Management

Masters Certification in Business and Sports Law from Villanova University

Coach to Over 1,000 Youth, High School, ESPN's Top 100, Collegate D1 All Americans, and NBA/NFL Players

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